We work closely with our customers to design the exact facilities that you need. To maximise safety, handling and comfort for both animals and handling.

Over the years we have worked with Zoos such as Fota Wildlife Park.

Zoo Penning

Over the years we have worked with Zoos such as Fota Wildlife Park’s Zoo Penning. Some of the projects we worked on were;

  • Mangabey Penning
  • Giraffe Penning and Crush facility
  • Monkey bridge and penning
  • Bison Penning
  • Cheetah extended feeding cage
  • Entrance Gates.
Sumatran Tiger, Dash, who was born in Fota Wildlife Park and since moved to Chester Zoo has sired two tiger cubs, as part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).
Watch him meet the two cubs for the first time.


We cater for all types and sizes of animals no job (or animal) is too big or too small!

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With over 40 years of experience in the market, we have the solutions to make your housing system work for you. Our experienced sales and engineering team will work directly with you. Designing the optimum layout, penning, feeding, drinking, and handling facilities in your new or existing building.

O’Donovan Engineering sales, design, manufacture and support teams work on ISO-9001-2015 standards providing superior products.