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Sheep Feed Barriers

Sheep Winter Housing

Generally, people say any type of shed is good enough for sheep. This is not true. A ewe indoors needs a few basics, without them there will be problems. Now is a good time to check the house to ensure it is winter ready. At housing, ewes should first be grouped on the basis of expected […]

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Prattley Mobile Standard Yard

Prattley Mobile Sheep Yard

Prattley is the world leader in light weight animal handling equipment, using cutting edge technology. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality sheep handling equipment such as mobile sheep yards that helps you to attain maximum efficiency. Despite its light weight, Prattley’s sheep yard can be towed by almost any vehicle including quad bikes, and […]

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Lamb Adoption and Sheep Handling

O’Donovan Engineering’s Sheep adoption gate is a simple product that is making a big difference on farms during lambing season. The adoption gate saves the backache and stress of moving the ewe to a separate pen when required. It can be connected to virtually any pen with 2 pins to keep it securely in place, […]

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