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Live Life Love Farming’ is a new campaign which will be launched at Tullamore Show this year on the 11th August by O’ Donovan Engineering. The aim of the campaign is to celebrate all the positives of the farming lifestyle.

Farmers face challenges every single day but they plough on through the tough times and get up every day to do it all over again; this is what makes farmers one of the most inspiring and resilient groups in our society.

Throughout the months of August and September farmers and all those connected with the farming community will be sharing the reasons that they enjoy their occupation and what it is about the career that motivates and inspires them.

So how do you get involved??

It’s your chance to tell the world that even though the weather plays havoc with your plans and sleep-ins are few and far between that farming is a fulfilling and rewarding career to be proud of. Go on,get in touch today and let us know how you Live Life and Love Farming! Connect with us on Facebook Here!

Live Life Love Farming