Herd health is the key to creating profit on farm. Managing and identifying health issues in your herd can save you valuable time and money.

Weight is a very important indicator of herd health. Sudden increases or decreases in weight can signal the presence of disease. Regularly weighing your stock has many obvious benefits but with the correct system you can use it as a tool to:

  • Manage herd health
  • Indicate of health problems early

Tru-test weighing & EID equipment has been available in Ireland from O’Donovan Engineering for over 25 years and is very much favored by most Breeding Societies, Farm Advisory Services and a wide range of Dairy, Beef & Sheep Farmers. There are a wide range of systems available from the entry level economic units to the top of the range systems which act as a farm management tool allowing you to make decisions quickly and effectively.

The ERS Handheld EID Reader is the newest addition to the extensive range and has been designed to deliver the benefits of the traditional high spec units at an affordable price to Irish producers. It is an affordable handheld EID tag reader, with Bluetooth technology to transfer data from the tag to the Tru-Test indicator. The ERS reader is a cost effective add on to the EziWeigh 7, ID3000 Bluetooth and the ID/XR500. A Bluetooth Dongle can also be used to connect the ERS Handheld EID Reader to the ID3000 and EziWeigh 6.

Speaking of herd health, it is important to think about giving cattle mineral licks as you are leaving them out to grass after the winter. These licks can always be a worry as they increase the risk of badgers interfering with them and spreading TB. This is why O’ Donovan Engineering has introduced a mineral lick bucket stand to their product range. This lifts the lick off the ground by 500mm and away from the danger of badgers and other vermin.