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Kurtsan Automatic Swinging Cow Brush

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Kurtsan Cow Brush is produced to improve cow comfort.  The Scratcher Brush has a highly positive effect on animal health and total milk yield.
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Product Description

 Kurtsan Automatic Swinging Cow Brush

  • Benefits Automatic Swinging Cow Brush
    • Provides for maintaining the health and comfort of the cows.
    • Massage increases blood circulation in capillaries.
    • Herd performance.
    • Parasite clinging to the skin, dust, soil, mud, etc.. removes debris and allows the skin to breathe.
    • Improves the quality of the skin.
    • Meat and milk production increases by 10%.
    • The relationship between the cows is reduced with each other and potential accidents and injuries prevented.
    • Especially in areas out of reach of the animal itself (eye and the surrounding area) clean.
  • Hot dipped galvanized frame

  • 4 layer brush

  • Electric PCB card within a stainless steel box

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Fixed Cow Brush

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Weight 100 kg

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