Replacement Strainer For Aquamat

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Brass replacement strainer for the Aquamat pasture pump. Simple to install or replace. Fitting for a 32mm pipe

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Replacement Strainer For Aquamat

Fitting of the Aquamat strainer is at 1 minute 40 seconds in the video below

Aquamat Pasture Pump

The Aquamat is reliable and sturdy. Its pushrod surrounds the mechanism to avoid accidents. It is made from polyethene and cast-iron.

It is easily pushed by animals and is suitable for up to 10-15 animals. It is also available with a side bowl option for suckler cows with calf at foot. The Aquamat has a non-return valve feature to prevent the pump from running dry.



LA BUVETTE has been manufacturing equipment for breeders for over more than 75 years. Based on solid experience and French know-how, this small and medium-sized enterprise garnered an acknowledged position in the breeding industry. LA BUVETTE® is known by all breeders and breeding equipment traders, for whom the brand is tantamount to the reliability, innovation and animal welfare.

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